For a long time of being working as Golang Dev I saw that a lot of my coleagues don’t pay attention on right sorting order of their dependencies(imports) in projects. I believe, it happens because of existed tools like goimports or even built-in IDE features can’t give the exact tool to do so. That’s why we should control and fix it manually when this situation is appeared and it is sad to perform such things which could be done automatically.

Let’s see on a practice, what do we have… In the example bellow we see that std libraries were split…

image has taken from

Every software developer has his own amount of favourite tools for prototyping. So, I’m gonna tell here about one of my own and how using it you can create a quick backend prototype without different installed backend technologies or services.

Imagine, that you have chosen Redis for your super cool backend application. Before start writing a code you should prepare an environment. You need to setup a physical instance or prepare some script (probably, docker-compose would be enough here) to setup it locally or in a cloud. It is good approach, but you are wasting your time on selecting cloud…

Vyacheslav Pryimak

Software Engineer

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